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Hillary Rides Again?

As the saying goes “The more things change, the more they stay the same”. And so it seems to be with Hillary Clinton as she now reprises her ’08 pursuit of the Democrat Party nomination for POTUS. What seemed certain then, but wasn’t, seems even more certain this time around. On the plus side is the opportunity to also reprise David Horowitz’s earlier essay, Progressive Narcissism, exposing Hillary’s radical-Left beliefs as a core element of her cynical Jekyll-Hyde political persona. 

Horowitz writes, regarding the then extant-Clinton presidency:

There are many unprincipled narcissists in politics. But there has never been a White House so thoroughly penetrated by the political minions of the left.

That is until now under Obama who has taken it to Politburo levels replete with Czars and disdain for the Constitution.

On a personal note Horowitz writes:

Ever since abandoning the utopian illusions of the progressive cause, I have been struck by how little the world outside the left seems to actually understand it.  How little those who have not been inside the progressive mind are able to grasp the cynicism behind its idealistic mask or the malice that drives its hypocritical passion for “social justice”. (Emphasis added)

That observation applies particularly, shamefully, and incredibly to the feckless Republican Party which, as if in a stupor, does nothing to defend and protect the Constitution and America’s citizenry from the Hillary-Obama Left’s purposeful, incessant nullification of it.

GOP passivity in the face of this erosion of individual freedom is as egregious in its way as the direct subversion of it from the Left. Again, from the article cited:

Conservative misunderstanding of the Left is only part of the left’s own deceits.  It also reflects the inability of conservatives to understand the religious nature of the progressive faith and the power of its redemptive idea.

This “religious nature” is, in effect, an Inquisition which must be defeated just as it is prosecuted: through persistent efforts, big or small, wrought on a daily basis.  



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