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The IRS Scandal

The IRS is just the point of the spear of BigGov which has morphed, in essence, into a criminal enterprise.  Theft of the citizens money specifically, and property generally, is the racket. There are just two political ‘gangs’ fighting a perpetual turf war over the spoils.  The ‘Crats are just the most ruthless. At the core of this turf war are industry lobbyists who bribe the two gangs into passing legislation of benefit to whoever is willing to pony-up the most money.  Since both parties are in on the racket it will never end.  The IRS is just the ‘muscle’. Obama may inadvertently collapse the whole system through his pathological incompetence (see previoust post below) but that’s a longshot.

Posted on Thursday, June 6, 2013 at 03:36PM by Registered CommenterMaxEntropy | CommentsPost a Comment

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