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A GOP Agenda

Predictably the 2012 election loss has led a bewildered GOP into some much needed soul searching. Predictable as well is that any conclusion(s) reached will focus on the clichéd need to “reach out” (i.e.; pander) to a more diverse (i.e.; minority) electorate.  If so, it will simply amount to a de facto surrender to the hard core Left which has become the MarxoCrat replacement of the former Democrat party.

The fact is that the GOP has always had a tough sell: The rather abstract concept of individual liberty and its inestimable value to human creativity, welfare and progress.  The MarxoCrats offer the political equivalent of shiny beads and brightly colored trinkets dazzling the LoFoVo primitives with “free” stuff. No contest.

The Left has an overarching Agenda to remake the world and its focus on that is unwavering: All day, every day. The core of that Agenda is the complete elimination of Competition in every aspect of socioeconomic life. Competition is seen by the Left as the source of all human conflict and, ostensibly, the barrier to an earthly Eden. The Left pointedly ignores the deadly histories of previous, competition-free, coercive Collectivist regimes (e.g.; the USSR).

 Competition terrifies the Left which cannot deal with it psychologically (Another story for another time).

In America, as founded, competition (as individual liberty) is manifested in the Constitution along with Capitalism and God as transcendent authority. That is, theism as a higher authority than, say, any MarxoCrat POTUS. Intolerable! All three elements are in the process of being eliminated from America’s cultural ethos just as Antonio Gramsci advocated. (*) The GOP seems completely oblivious (**) to all this and so writes another meaningless “Tract” which will do nothing but guarantee more lost elections.

Somehow, someway the GOP must be made to understand that it is The Party, the only party by default, which is responsible for upholding the Constitution against “all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC. Until the GOP can unite and pursue that Agenda as resolutely as the traitorous Left pursues its’ historically failed Man Almighty coercive collectivism the rest is just punching into thin air.


(**) http://www.americanthinker(dot)com/2011/05/gop_what_gop.html


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