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Liberty or Tyranny?

Few people seem to understand that America is in the midst (or near the end?) of an asymmetric political war that has taken us to the brink of revolution. The root of this asymmetry is that the Left is an Agenda-driven quasi-religious (‘gnostic’) faith with its focus being the establishment of a global Authoritarian Collectivism, aka Marxism. It is a well-organized movement committed with a religious fervor to this objective 24/7/365. In contrast, the American Right, is not only seemingly oblivious to this Leftist ambition, it (the GOP) is philosophically divided: Conservative’s vs. RINO’s. Accordingly, the GOP  is both politically naïve and ineffectual and, consequently, no match for the focused firepower of the crusading Left
Until, and unless, the GOP overcomes this crippling myopic schism and VIGOROUSLY fights to maintain our Constitutionality the Left will continue to move us closer to a coercive authoritarian tyranny. Blindly assisting this “fundamental transformation of America” are the feel-good liberal dupes (Useful Idiots as Lenin referred to them) whose hatred of Conservatives blinds them to their irreversible folly.  Liberty is precious but vulnerable to destruction by narcissistic despots. Tyranny, once in place, is permanent in terms of an individual's lifetime.  Read: "Stalin: The Court of the Red Tsar" by Simon Sebag Montefiore.

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