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Bolshevism Redux?

The following link should make clear to all the precarious financial condition our Ruling Class, led by the Obama Administration, has brought about.  This soaring debt is just one of several indicators of the perilous financial situation America is in.  Massive national debt, high and static unemployment levels, inflation (e.g.; gasoline @ $4/gal.), looming bankruptcy and an indifferent, Alfred-E-Neuman, President who feels none of this as he lives lavishly at taxpayer expense. Nor has Congress flexed any muscle in reining-in wasteful, unnecessary pork-laden bills written by self-serving lobbiests.

So the question arises: Is this crisis due to governmental incompetance/indiffernce or a state of affairs brought about by design? If the latter, then whose design? Perhaps those whose sympathies match those of Lenin/Stalin and the Bolsheviks prior to the 1917 Russian Revolution where similar symptoms of national malaise led to fifty-odd years of deadly Communist rule.

Is America headed for a similar fate?  The 2012 election holds the answer.     

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