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Fear and Loathing

The question has been raised about when, or if, Liberals might say “Enough!” regarding Obama’s disastrously subversive, if incompetent, presidency.  The short answer is that the vast majority of 'liberals' will stay fanatically devoted to Obama or Jack-the-Ripper if he has a (D) after his name. The reason is that leftists have a visceral fear -- and therefore -- a hatred of conservatives that runs too deep for reason to penetrate.  Liberals have a desperate need to feel good about themselves.  Unlike the Marxists (Authoritarian Collectivists) Liberals are shallow, emotion-driven individuals, aka, the "useful idiots" of whom Lenin derisively spoke. They cannot, or will not, comprehend the vile, vicious, lust for power that drives the genocidal Left but can instinctively sense and fear the Right for its’ rationality.

 So Liberals swim with the Marxist shark in a symbiotic relationship just as the Remora swims comfortably in the wake of a Great White. This is all rooted in the human psyche but at its' core is fear of existence itself.  Conservatives are mostly theistic and have an innate faith in a Transcendent Intelligence at the core of things which brings a solace the ‘typical’ Leftist has forsaken.  An irrational fear and, consequently, an unwarranted hatred of the Right, have filled the void.  Accordingly, to expect any apostasies from the Left now -- or ever -- is to expect a west-rising sun. 

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