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Fascism Redux

Capitalism works, however imperfectly, because it has been built on the realities of hard-won experience.  Socialism fails because it is based on wishful thinking, irrational idealism and the denial of human nature:  Man is not a herd animal. 

The ObamaNation is being built on crypto-socialist idealism which has come to be called “Crony Capitalism” but is essentially Fascism with a dash of Capitalism added to finance the inevitably ballooning socialist giveaways. This may look good on paper but is fatally flawed and doomed to failure because it lacks Capitalism’s critical ingredient:  Competition.

Without competition the capitalist engine becomes inefficient and no longer able to feed the greedy, inefficient, socialistic monster that just keeps taking more and more while doing less and less constructively. Tyranny inevitably results as the socialist Ogre flogs its’ dying pseudo-capitalist horse which slowly collapses.

Mussolini, Fascism’s originator, found this out in Italy circa 1920.[1] The Obama regime appears to be in the early stages  of repeating a huge mistake.  Whether it’s called ‘Crony Capitalism’, Fascism, or the ‘Third Way’, it is a road to extended misery.  Caveat emptor.    

End Note:

[1] Muravchik, Joshua, Heaven on Earth: The Rise and Fall of Socialism, Encounter Books, SF, 2002, 144- 171.

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