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It has occurred to me that our political enmities result from the weight of two fears: the fear of death and the fear of life itself with its’ relentless pressure to merely survive (i.e.; "the human condition”). Both fears manifested when ‘man’ evolved from behavior based solely on animal instinct to self-aware behavior (“Original Sin”?) We all suffer from these two fears to varying degrees. Many find solace in the sensed presence of a transcendent Intelligence at the root of things and behave in accordance with that belief. Others doubt or outright reject that belief. And, in so doing, put their faith in all-to-human demagogues whose messianic narcissism (e.g.; Robespierre, Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, et al.) allays, to some extent, the fear of survival if not of death.  Therein lies the Leftist mindset. As Whittaker Chambers put it in his classic Witness: It’s God almighty or Man almighty.

But evidence also mounts that the political philosophies of Left and Right likely have genetic origins. Ironically this suggests a creator wise enough to inculcate a within-species creative tension that stimulates progress rather than stagnation. But it’s up to mankind to keep that tension from becoming extreme. Beware of malignant narcissistic demagogues!     

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