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Marxism March's On

In a recent essay I wrote “If the 2008 election was about dumping free-market capitalism and America’s Constitutional liberties for some form of collectivist authoritarianism, probably not too many people understood the issue. The 2012 election will be about ratifying or rescinding that choice, hopefully, without ambiguity. What’s at stake is the preservation of America’s unique ethos of creative individual liberty or a continuation of our accelerating slide toward becoming a nation under a coercive statist regime derivative of Marx.”

Well, election 2012 is now history and the public indeed ratified its’ 2008 choice for more collectivism although the narrow win and the distinct odor of vote fraud did contribute ambiguity.  And it’s doubtful that many voters realized the consequences of voting for a man (Obama) wholly sympathetic to the totalitarian ideologies of Marx, Lenin, Stalin, and yes, even Hitler. Revel (1) put it this way:

“The fundamental feature of both [Communism and Naziism] is that the rulers, convinced that they possess the absolute truth and are guiding the course of history for all humanity, believe they have the right to destroy dissidents . . . anyone and everyone they see as obstacles or [potential obstacles] to the supreme design.”

Revel (2) adds “Communism promises abundance and engenders misery; it promises liberty and imposes servitude; it promises equality [but delivers] the most inegalitarian [sic] of all societies [with a ruling elite] that is privileged to a degree unknown even in feudal societies.”

But the Marxist faith, with its’ hundred-year history of genocidal ‘purifications’ attracts an odd assortment of rather desperate malcontents: the economic illiterate; the fearful, competition-averse; sullen, pouting professors of English; and more than a few narcissists. Some of the latter reach leadership positions (Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Saddam) on the backs of the fearful and insecure and launch mass human extinctions.  Such extinctions eventually result as the futile, irrational policies of the ruling elite beget increasing tyranny to enforce the impossible.

Such has been the history of the twentieth centuries’ genocidal collectives: Some one hundred million and counting victims.  The question is begged: What will Obama, in his lame-duck second term, bring to America?

As a youth, Obama was mentored by a known Communist and, as an adult politician he has vowed to “fundamentally transform America”.  He has credibly been identified as a narcissistic personality and, as such, most certainly lives in thrall of his own self-aggrandizement above all else.  And the kicker is that the Republican Party, under its’ present leadership, will present no serious opposition to Obama and his comrades. This is not a recipe for a bright future for the country either in the short or long term.

Socialism promises equality but delivers tyranny.


1. Revel, Jean-Francois, Last Exit to Utopia, Encounter, NY, 99.

2. Ibid., 89.

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