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Heads, I Win; Tails, You Lose

What the majority of voters fail to understand is that we are living in a so-called Postmodernist era. In the service of a global Collectivism (nee: Marxism) the Postmodernist’s long ago declared the non-existence of objective reality. Instead we have “relativism” as in “situational ethics”, “moral relativism” and related ethical ambiguities.

Thanks to the Leftist Postmodernism, God is dead and biblically-based morals are just fairy tale guilt trips cynically fabricated by feudalists to control their serfs.

Postmodernism says that there are no absolute truths, ethics, or morality - just arbitrary, equally valid choices left up to each individual. This is an interim “anarchy” needed by the Left to excise the remnants of our “white bread” morality and capitalist socioeconomic system. Anything goes, so our common law is only selectively enforced (Re: political correctness) under the Postmodern rubric of “social justice” or cultural Marxism. So too has the Constitution become an annoying anachronism which now “lives and breathes” in the arbitrary air of relativism which serves the radical Left’s political Agenda. This is the fetid air breathed by President Obama and his stooge judge Susan Bolton in her rigid-digit salute to constitutionality regarding Arizona immigration law.

That same Postmodernist salute has been proffered to the citizenry by the Obama Administration with its refusal to protect America’s southern border and our national sovereignty. Ditto health care. Ditto the pending amnesty and automatic citizenship for illegal aliens. Ditto the anti-white racism promoted by the Holder-led Department of Justice. So our Postmodernist Ruling Elite will let you know what their political Agenda permits you to do or not do. In the meantime they use the Constitution for toilet paper.

Re-read 1984. It's all there. It's called Tyranny.

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