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The Road to Tyranny

The history of the twentieth century is one of the life and death of Marxist regimes built on the purposeful extinction of the entrepreneurial, capitalistic citizenry - the detested bourgeoisie. Engineered starvations, gulags, firing squads, “killing fields” and mass exiles have all been used. The fact and the extent of the genocides give clear indication of an ultimately malevolent Leftist obsession beyond just a means to socioeconomic reforms. Competitive capitalism continues to stand as the devil incarnate in the minds of a fanatical minority of utopian religionists. Literal extinction of this capitalist evil became a Postmodern moral imperative in the futile, ill-conceived quest for a socialist "heaven on earth": a gnostic endeavor [1] led by those who would be earthly gods.

Both [Fascism and Communism] set out to create their socialist futures by first destroying the bourgeois present , then erecting their utopias on its smoldering ruins. [2]

Despite the murder of millions, no utopias have been forthcoming though the "smoldering ruins" of socialist totalitarian states themselves have abounded. Despite this sordid, genocidal, counterproductive history, the delusion of engineering a global Eden lives on. Only the methodology of its potential creation has changed.

Since the 1950’s, bomb-throwing Bolshevism has been replaced by a slow, subversive “march through the [American] institutions” as advocated by the Italian communist Antonio Gramsci (1891- 1937). Over the past sixty years this Marxist subversion has percolated into and throughout America’s educational, journalistic, entertainment, publishing and other opinion-shaping industries. Even worse, this collectivist virus now infects all levels of government up to and including the Obama presidency itself. The stars-and-stripes over the White House are fast being replaced by the hammer-and-sickle .

So Gramsci was wiser and more patient than his hate-driven, bloodthirsty Marxist cousins and this fact could account for his post mortem, fifty-year conversion of America to a socialist state. Gramsci’s strategy of non-violent, non-genocidal subversion advantageously also leaves in its wake, not rotting capitalist corpses, but a marginalized residue of this productive, if Marxist-despised species. This is essential to generate the wealth necessary to sustain the otherwise economically impotent socialist system: A few capitalist “sharecroppers” to make fertile the otherwise fallow socialist plantation.

Gramsci was a contemporary of Benito Mussolini (1883-1945) whose dictatorial regime came to be known as Fascism. Fascism amounted to an authoritarian statist regime driving a select few privately owned but government/labor-obedient industrialists required to produce the wealth of which socialism alone is incapable. Gramsci did not live to see Mussolini’s untenable dictatorship collapse. It collapsed because the engines of industrial production require discipline, a work ethic, and commitment to personal and corporate accomplishment. Fascism brought only the hostile indolence of grievance-obsessed labor unions sheltered by dictatorial government advocacy: A forced, unworkable marriage as subsequent events proved. Italian Fascism collapsed; Italy collapsed under the stress of WWII.

Now we have the historically ignorant, but arrogant, Obama regime following in Mussolini’s failed fascist footsteps convinced it can succeed where Il Duce failed. Another dead-end journey to the non-existent utopia of socialist fantasy. In the current quest the detested bourgeoisie will not be exterminated in the deadly ways of Soviet, Chinese or Cambodian Marxism. Instead, remnants of the productive bourgeoisie will be expected to continue in its role of creative wealth production. However, that wealth will not go to its earners, but will be confiscated by the government in the form of increasingly punitive taxation needed to support the dead weight of the perpetual inefficiencies that define socialistic systems.

The stultifying character of collectivism will inevitably crush its life-support system - the residual productive engine of free enterprise - and collapse of the whole edifice will follow as both history and economic literacy attest.

[1] Voegelin, Eric, The New Science of Politics, Univ. of Chicago Press, 1987

[2] Horowitz, David, The Politics of Bad Faith, The Free Press, NY, 1998, 121

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