Radicalism as a Secular Religion
Friday, April 17, 2009 at 09:38PM

Summary: The Radical Left is unrelenting in its revolutionary pursuit of an imagined worldly perfection. Its Crusade-like nature is evident in its nihilistic displays of "street theater" violence and destruction unmatched anywhere by its more passive opponents on the political Right. (988) words)


If there is a common theme linking the Liberal and Radical Left it is a mutual fear and hatred of the Conservative Right which stands as an annoying, biblically-infused traditionalism which the Left must expunge as it slogs its way to an imagined utopian, atheistic future. The Liberal and Radical Left can be likened to two denominations of the same faith-based secular religion. It was author and academic Sam Harris who, in another context, wrote:

Consider the millions of people who were killed by Stalin and Mao: although these tyrants paid lip service to rationality, communism was little more than a political religion. [1]

And [2]

[T]otalitarianism represents the twentieth-century version of traditional religiosity; it is in many ways the secular equivalent of the religious life.

Whereas the Liberal wing of this secular faith is impelled to press for its vision of social equity, the Radical wing is compelled to do so without qualification. Welfare state Liberalism is the denomination of “sentimental inexactitude” representing the warm, and fuzzy, feel-good element of this faith. It is from this empathic Liberal wing that Radicals recruit their more naive and well-intentioned cousins to its devious causes. Liberals are driven by a pressing need to feel good about themselves and are easily duped by the seductive, if disingenuous, rhetoric of their more fanatical brethren.

The Radical (“Bolshevik”) wing represents a relatively small, but strategically well-placed hard-core, agenda-driven, denomination of zealous missionaries who crusade to convert the unwashed masses to the secular Church of Cultural Marxism by any and all means necessary. That process of cultural subversion has been in progress for decades but has been greatly accelerated by the so-called New Left generation of 60’s student radicals.

These New Left radicals are now the “change-agent” activists who inhabit the teacher’s unions; the liberal arts professoriate; the ACLU and its activist judge “stealth-legislators”; most of the mass Media and Entertainment industries; and many in politics who hold positions of power and influence.

This secular religion is dedicated to baptizing a new America cleansed of its white patriarchal legacies which include:

Capitalism. Capitalism is acknowledged as the most highly efficient producer of overall societal wealth ever created. It’s a tide that lifts all boats but in the eyes of the Collectivist’s its inherent sins are intolerable: Capitalism is both competitive and results in wealth disparities and corresponding inequities in the ability to share equally in the benefits that a free market produces. It must be eliminated completely or, at a reluctant minimum, put under strict and consumer-costly control of government agencies - the so-called “third way”. This is now largely a fait accompli.

Religion. More specifically Christianity, which the Left regards as a superstitious anachronism and, worse yet, a belief system which includes a heavenly afterlife and puts its faith in an otherworldly deity not immediately in evidence. This represents both a competing faith and an intolerable distraction to those who wish to sculpt a heaven on earth now under the direction of a “scientifically enlightened” elite. According to Harris, “Certainty about the next life is simply incompatible with tolerance in this one”. [3] And biblically-based morality is incompatible with the infinitely elastic, completely arbitrary faux-morality of the Postmodernist priesthood.

Nationalism. Regarded by the Left as xenophobic and divisive. One World means no borders. The Left believes that over time the free flow of humanity will unite us all without regard to culture, race, ethnicity, language or tradition. The inevitable ferment and conflict likely to result from this stew of diverse humanity is ignored. It also ignores the human tendency to fragment to smaller “tribal units” based on a familial sense of unique identity.

Superpower Status. Castration of the United States must proceed apace. This includes gradually shredding the Constitution with its emphasis on individual liberty and its insurances against a bullying “1984 government. The U.N. and some sort of “World Charter” will be the replacements. The standard of living in the U.S. inevitably must be degraded to parity with under-developed countries. America is to be denigrated continuously as an imperialist power and weakened militarily at every opportunity. This is the fantasy of “Peace through Parity.”

The Nuclear Family. It’s been said that “it takes a village” to raise the child. The “sins” of a conservative/traditionalist father cannot be allowed to be visited on the sons in the coming utopia. Political indoctrination is already an established part of public education just as abortion is now an established industry. These developments along with nearly extinct sexual taboos have shoved the traditional, cohesive family unit to near oblivion.

Such an agenda leaves little doubt that a cultural revolution is in place and has been for several decades. Rapid advances in our understanding of DNA bioscience may make it possible eventually to genetically engineer a politically monolithic culture. Pre-natal identification, and abortion, of potential left brain dominant thinkers and the specter of a purified culture of which Stalin, Hitler, Mao and other utopian socialists could only dream. Proceeding under a faux banner of "social justice", cultural Marxism advances its atheistic, collectivist religion by "any means necessary" as it always has. This crusade brings with it a deadly history indicative of the fanaticism of its devotees. The methodology has changed but the messianic-Left's impossible dream of creating a heaven on earth remains. It's that impossibility which breeds frustration and fuels the inevitable need for increasing repression and tyranny to make it function - and always in the name of the greater "collective good." 


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