Question of the Day

What does a nation do when it finds itself under the leadership of a mentally unstable individual such as Germany under Hitler or Russia under Stalin? Evidentally no one does anything and the country implodes into chaos and destruction.

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Thought for the Day

Technology is the primary engine driving human advancement, not Progressive political activity. Consider the electric light, radio, microscopes, aircraft, air conditioning, the automobile, the transistor (microelectronics, e.g., smartphones, computers, etc.) and a thousand other inventions developed under "greedy" Capitalism. 

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Thought for the Day

Human ingenuity will always defeat bureacratic mediocrity which is why collectivist regimes necessarily become ever more totalitarian and eventually implode. 

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A Fundamental Transformation

Vladimir Putin's assault on Ukraine makes it clear that he has taken Obama's measure as an easily intimidated, narcissistic Empyty Suit. The current crisis comes as no surprise. Benghazi; Boston; and Syria were signposts that have led us to another crisis invited by our projected weakness in international affairs. Our putative European allies have detected the scent of our diffidence and wisely withold their trust and keep their distance. The current affront was predictable (*). There will no doubt be other such provocative events given America's pathologically inept "leadership". 

That leadership includes both political parties and the so-called "Mainstream Media" all of whom have buried their collective heads in the politically correct sands of reverse racism. America has been "fundamentally transformed" to the detriment of us all. 

(*) Click here:

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Quote of the Day

"[I]n every society there is a sizeable proportion of men and women who hate liberty - consequently truth. The aspiration to live in a tyrannical system, whether as a participant in the exercise of power, or . . . as a slave to it, serves to explain [the] rise and longevity of totalitarian regimes[.] Capitalistic democracies don't need to commit crimes in order to survive, while totalitarian states have no alternative."

Revel, Jean-Francois, Last Exit to Utopia, Encounter, NY, 2000, p. 86




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